”We are the ecosystem orchestrator”-Njideka Jack

Njideka Jack speaking at the fireside Chat

Njideka Jack, the Head of Partnership and Alliance Management at MTN Nigeria, shared valuable insights as a panelist at the Fireside Chat on IoT in Oil & Gas at the IoT West Africa Exhibition and Conference. Her thoughtful input highlighted the crucial significance of innovation and connectivity in promoting economic growth and improving the quality of life across all sectors.

The IoT West Africa Exhibition and conference, designed to encourage discussion and cooperation among top professionals in the industry, was a vital venue for delving into innovative developments and current trends in IoT. The gathering assembled professionals and interested parties from diverse sectors, offering a thorough look at the present status and future possibilities of IoT.

The event displayed a variety of creative IoT solutions, such as wearable health monitors, smart home devices, and advanced industrial sensors. These technologies showcased the flexibility and extensive influence of IoT, emphasizing Jack’s point about its ability to bring about significant change.

Speaking to TAM about the ecosystem MTN has put in place to address digital issues, Jack lauded the company’s efforts in building a robust framework that supports IoT development. She highlighted MTN’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, which provides reliable support essential for IoT applications.

In her words, “MTN is well known for our foundation, which is best-in-class connectivity and infrastructure, and what we have done is pivoted into a technology company where we deliver platform-based solutions that orchestrate digital technology across different verticals to solve problems. Our focus is that, depending on the industry vertical or segment, we deliver the necessary solutions.”

Jack further commended MTN’s commitment to listening and addressing the concerns of various industries by providing holistic solutions that ensure interoperability.

“We listen to the trends, understand the challenges in the industry, and identify what we can do with technology to solve those problems. We have spoken earlier about IoT, AI, Big Data, Blockchain—so you need a partner that can put all these things together in a holistic solution that interoperates properly and delivers value to your business. That is where MTN plays a crucial role. We are the ecosystem orchestrator. We have a host of partners across the value chain for various verticals today. We also have existing solutions with key players in the industry already. We orchestrate, we bring together a host of collaborators and partners that can deliver a holistic solution.”

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