Why Advertise with The Abiketreasure Media?

At The Abiketreasure Media, we’re dedicated to crafting captivating content that resonates with our audience. Focused on tech, real estate, and entertainment, we offer advertisers a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience in a meaningful and impactful way.




Sponsored post

We promote brands announcements to the public like Product launch, events, partnerships, rebranding, and guest post. (You will send us your content with minimal editing from us)


Spotlight post

A deep dive into your portfolio or with little or no reference to competitors. This will help introduce you to our business and community in an organic way.(To be written by TAM Editor)


Feature post

Article or content piece that highlights a particular topic, person, product, or event. It typically offers in-depth information, analysis, or storytelling to engage readers and provide valuable insights on the chosen subject.





Banner ads

Have a large clickable banner that markets your brand will be placed at the top of each page on our site.

₦250,000(per month)

Event management/Coverage

We’re here to collaborate with you in crafting an event centered around a pertinent topic, showcasing you as a visionary leader or a catalyst within your ecosystem.”


Livestreaming Services

Our professional team ensures high-quality broadcasts across multiple platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. From corporate events to product launches, we deliver engaging live streams tailored to your needs.



Our Content Promise:

  • Entertaining:

We specialize in crafting content that entertains and engages our audience, providing a delightful experience every time they visit our platform.


  • Interesting:

Our content is thought-provoking, informative, and always relevant to our audience’s interests and passions.


  • Innovative:
  • Dive into the latest tech trends, from AI and blockchain to virtual reality. Our tech coverage explores the impact of innovation on industries like real estate and entertainment, offering valuable insights for businesses and consumers alike.


  • Opinionated:

We’re bold, authentic, and unapologetically opinionated, sparking meaningful conversations and driving engagement on the issues that matter most.


  • Inclusive:

Diversity and inclusivity drive our content creation process, ensuring that everyone feels seen, heard, and valued.


  • Addictive:

Our addictive storytelling keeps readers coming back for more, making us the go-to destination for trending news, entertainment, and thought-provoking narratives


Contact Us:
Ready to amplify your brand with The Abiketreasure Media? Reach out to our advertising team today to explore tailored advertising solutions designed to elevate your brand’s visibility and impact.

Contact Information:

WhatsApp: 08101738340

 Email: info@theabiketreasure.com


No 38, Olaleye Street Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

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