The IoT West Africa Conference & Exhibition starts in Nigeria

The IoT West Africa Conference and Exhibition, set to take place on July 2-4, 2024, at the Balmoral Center, Federal Palace in Lagos, Nigeria, is a significant milestone in the technological progress of Nigeria and the wider West African area. This occasion showcases new technologies and recognizes the vital role of the telecom sector in the area’s economic growth and digital transformation.

The conference highlights the important impact of telecommunications on the digital ecosystem of the region. Shitij Taneja, Managing Director at Vertex Next, emphasizes the significance of the telecom industry in facilitating digital transformation and sparking advancements in IoT, blockchain, Big Data, and AI.

Keynote presentations, panel debates, and technical demonstrations will delve into the connection between telecommunications and technological progress, offering participants a glimpse into the future of effortless connectivity and upcoming technological trends influencing the digital environment of the region.

One stand-out aspect of this year is the Data Center & Cloud Expo Africa, focusing on the changing dynamics of digital and cloud infrastructure. This section will highlight how telecoms play a crucial role in the growth of African data centers, specifically focusing on progress and green technology efforts needed for lasting digital environments.

The conference functions as a crucial stage for telecom industry leaders and stakeholders to discover new opportunities, secure investments, and lead technological advancements. The importance of telecoms in enabling connected, digital solutions is emphasized for professionals in the energy, power, telecom, and data center fields.

Attending the IoT West Africa Conference and Exhibition provides a great chance for professionals and businesses in West Africa looking to lead or adjust to the digital transformation to align with industry innovation. Participants will be able to play a role in influencing the future development of digital and telecom technology in the area.

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