ATTF Hosts Creatives Challenge 2.0

The African Teen Tech Festival held its much-anticipated creative challenge, ATTF 2.0, in collaboration with PlugLinkNG, TekArtHQ, and UseLoopHQ on Thursday, June 20, 2024, at Madhouse by Tikera. The event aimed to redefine the landscape of creative expression in the digital realm with its theme, “Empowering Emerging Creatives.

In his opening speech, the programme coordinator Jeremiah Adeyemi elaborated the festival’s core mission. “Africa Teen Tech Festival is an event for teens and young adults, and our major goal is to empower young innovators. In the creative and tech industries, we aim to prepare them for the future workforce and entrepreneurship,”

Jeremiah Adeyemi, The programme coordinator during the opening speech

The event featured two engaging panel sessions. The first session included speakers Oghenetejiri Ogodo, Tobi Otun, Chike Okonkwo, and Shalom Jacobs. Each speaker discussed how emerging technologies are transforming the creative landscape. Oghenetejiri Ogodo, a design and fashion entrepreneur, recounted how she creates her designs from recycled materials while leveraging technologies to enhance her productivity.

The first panelists

During the session, Tobi highlighted the importance of strategic placement as a creative. In his words, “You have to position yourself strategically where you can function in a way that you become a tool that uses a tool.”

Chike, co-founder and business developer at Gamic, talked about the future of artificial intelligence and its potential to transform various sectors in Africa. He also delved into leveraging blockchain technology to offer gaming experiences, particularly through Web3 games.

Chike Okonkwo and other panelists during the first panel session
Shallom Jacobs and other panelists during the session

The second panel session featured Ifeoluwa Babalola, Daniel Adewoye, Emmytheewizard, and Akthawicked who continued the discussion on the impact of technology on creativity. Their insights offered a comprehensive view of how digital tools and innovations are reshaping various creative fields.

Faces of the 2nd panelists

Ifeoluwa Babalola, a creative director at SnappCode and entrepreneur, shared his journey from humble beginnings to becoming the ‘’most booked” photographer. His story and insights resonated deeply with many attendees, inspiring them to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions with positive mindset.

Babalola Ifeoluwa (snappcode) during the panel session

The event brought together a mix of young students with creative interests, technology enthusiasts, and young innovators. They used the latest technologies to create unique and engaging expressions of creativity in different art forms, like visual art, graphic design, digital art, poetry, music, dance, and fashion. The vibrant mix of artistic display showcased the boundless potential of digital creativity.

Akthawicked during the session

The event provided participants with valuable skills and knowledge. The organizers have scheduled the African Teen Tech Festival 2.0 for later in the year.

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