Electric vehicle manufacturing plant opens in Ethiopia

The Belayneh Kinde Group has launched a state-of-the-art electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing plant in Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, following an investment of US$52 million.

This modern facility has an impressive annual production capacity of over 1,000 electric vehicles.

Economic and Technological Impact

The new plant is set to create 1,000 jobs for Ethiopian citizens, significantly boosting local employment. Beyond job creation, the facility aims to facilitate technological transfer and save foreign currency by reducing Ethiopia’s dependence on imported vehicles.

Facility Specifications and Production Capacity

Spanning 9,000 square meters (97,000 square feet), the assembly plant is equipped to produce a variety of vehicles, including minibuses, coaster buses, luxury buses, and dry and liquid cargo trucks. This diverse product range positions the factory to meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions in Ethiopia and the broader East African market.

A Milestone for Sustainable Development

The inauguration of this advanced EV factory marks a significant step in Ethiopia’s efforts to modernize its transportation infrastructure and reduce its carbon footprint. This development underscores the country’s commitment to sustainable development and technological advancement in the automotive sector.

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