9mobile and Microsoft Collaborate to Train Journalists on AI To Enhance Productivity

9mobile, known for its customer-centric approach in Nigeria’s telecommunications sector, collaborated with Microsoft to host a comprehensive training program for journalists. The objective was to equip them with cutting-edge tools to enhance their professional capabilities effectively.

Conducted at the Microsoft Africa Development Center, the session drew participation from media partners representing various print and online platforms. It served as a platform to introduce journalists to the capabilities of Microsoft Copilot, an advanced AI-powered tool poised to transform their industry. Microsoft Copilot offers a range of features designed to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and elevate the quality of journalistic output.

The partnership between 9mobile and Microsoft aimed to provide journalists with the skills and knowledge needed to leverage Copilot effectively in their daily work routines. Chineze Amanfo, the PR Lead at 9mobile, expressed enthusiasm and satisfaction with the training session, emphasizing the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and empowerment within the media industry.

She stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with Microsoft in providing this invaluable training opportunity for journalists. At 9mobile, we recognize the pivotal role that the media plays in shaping public discourse and driving societal change. Therefore, equipping them with the requisite knowledge and tools such as the Microsoft Copilot, will enhance their capability to deliver on their respective assignments efficiently by disseminating accurate and impactful information to the public.”

“We prioritize our relationship with the media hence, the need for the periodic capacity building session for journalists. With this training, we have clearly demonstrated our unwavering commitment to sustaining the initiative. We will continue to explore new avenues for collaboration and innovation, ensuring that our partners in the media industry have access to the tools and resources they need to thrive, Amanfo added.”

Yemi Orimolade, Senior Business Programme Manager, Marketing Communications, at Microsoft Africa Development Center, expressed gratitude to the participants for their active engagement, making the session enriching. He encouraged them to advocate for responsible AI usage, emphasizing the importance of ethical considerations in leveraging these advanced technologies.

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