AI Can Drive Economic Growth, Says Communication Expert, Omolaraeni

Group chief executive officer, of McEnies Global Communications, a notable practitioner in marketing communications and event planning, Dr. Omolaraeni Olaosebikan, has identified Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionise industries and drive economic growth not only in Nigeria but across the globe.

She made this assertion recently during a virtual meeting with newsmen. She used the opportunity to talk about her latest skill and knowledge acquisition feats at both Said Business School, the University of Oxford, and the Institute of Management Consultants (IMC).

Dr. Omolaraeni secured certifications in the Artificial Intelligence programme at Said Business School, University of Oxford, and also became a Certified Management Consultant, at the Institute of Management Consultants.

While fielding questions from journalists, she said, “Recently, after a rigorous two-month academic experience, I received a certification from the Said Business School, University of Oxford, on the Artificial Intelligence programme. The experience was incredibly engaging as it allowed me to enhance my skills in integrating AI into business processes, while also gaining insights into the ethical implications and impacts on businesses. Understanding the expectations as the world transitions towards AI in contemporary business practices has been enlightening. This certification holds great significance for my career development and has broadened my perspective on the future of AI in business.”

“Through my scholarly experience, I have gained valuable technical awareness and leadership skills essential for navigating and expanding organizations in the era of Artificial Intelligence. This enriching journey has not only equipped me to lead effectively in a rapidly evolving technological landscape but has also empowered me to balance and excel in meeting my current work obligations. The blend of academic knowledge and practical application has honed my abilities to drive innovation and success while managing existing responsibilities with dedication and proficiency”.

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