Leaked Google documents reveal secrets behind the world’s biggest search engine

Search engine giants Google has revealed that no fewer than 2,500 internal records have been leaked, with the company’s search engine ranking algorithm also circulating the web.

On March 13, an automated bot known as yoshi-code-bot is said to have published thousands of articles on Github that seemed to have originated from Google’s internal Content API Warehouse.

The possibility that the leaked documents contain the search data that Google uses to rank pages and websites has caused a stir in the publishing and SEO sectors.

Although Google admitted that the leaked data may be real, it has advised its readers and users not to utilize it because it might be out-of-date or incomplete.

The Verge cited a Google spokesperosn who advised readers of the documents not to draw conclusions from information that is not in context.

The spokesperson said; “We would caution against making inaccurate assumptions about Search based on out-of-context, outdated, or incomplete information,” the representative stated. We’ve made a lot of information available regarding Search’s operation and the kinds of factors our systems consider, all the while trying to prevent manipulation of the accuracy of our findings.”

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