Fintech Firm PayAngel Applauds Kenya For Its Innovation Achievements

UK-based fintech firm PayAngel has commended Kenya for its remarkable progress in becoming a technological hub in Africa. Speaking at the Forty Under 40 Africa Awards summit today, PayAngel highlighted Kenya’s distinction as the home of M-Pesa, Africa’s leading mobile money service, demonstrating the country’s leadership in innovation.

Joseph Elvis Lamptey, Head of Growth and Strategy at PayAngel, emphasized Kenya’s role as a dynamic hub within the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). He underscored the importance of innovation in promoting financial inclusion and praised Kenya’s strides in technology as a benchmark for other African countries aiming to enhance their digital economies and financial systems. This he said, does not only position the country as a leader in innovation but also a land of opportunities.

Lamptey spoke during a summit that was held earlier in the day ahead of an award ceremony that will see top African innovators, businessmen, government officials, and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) among others feted.

 “With its entrepreneurial spirit and young, tech-savvy population, Kenya is poised to be a major player in the AfCFTA’s success story,” Lamptey said.

He said for Kenya and other African countries to realise their full potential in innovations and e-commerce, there must be seamless and affordable cross-border payments.

“Kenya is a land of opportunity, and PayAngel is here to be a catalyst.  We are committed to working alongside Kenyan entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals to unlock the full potential of the AfCFTA,” Lamptey said.

His sentiments were shared by a host of other experts who said fintech innovations have the potential to democratize access to finance and spur entrepreneur enterprises.

“For this potential to be fully realized, we need to address a critical barrier: seamless and affordable cross-border payments. This is where PayAngel steps in.  We are a FinTech company dedicated to making remittances and payments faster, cheaper, and more secure.”

By leveraging innovative technology, he said Africa can reduce transaction fees on sending money. He pointed out that PayAngel offers competitive rates and even zero-fee transfers, ensuring more resources reach the hands that need them most.

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