Nigeria to Host 2025 Network of African Data Protection Authorities Conference and AGM

National Commissioner/CEO of the Nigeria Data Protection Commission Dr. Vincent Olatunji at the 9th NADPA Annual General Meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya

The Nigeria Data Protection Commission (NDPC) has announced that Nigeria will host the 10th edition of the prestigious Network of African Data Protection Authorities’ (NADPA-RADPA) Conference and Annual General Meeting in 2025. This significant decision was made during the 9th NADPA Annual General Meeting held in Nairobi, Kenya, where Nigeria, represented by the NDPC under the exemplary leadership of the National Commissioner/CEO, Dr. Vincent Olatunji, emerged as the successful bidder for this esteemed event.

Founded in Ouagadougou in September 2016, NADPA-RADPA comprises 23 Data Protection Authorities across Africa. Its primary objective is to establish a platform for exchange and cooperation among its members while amplifying Africa’s voice in global partnerships. Nigeria joined the network in 2022 and has been actively engaged, including taking on the role of coordinator for the Regulatory Harmonization working group during the recently concluded annual general meeting in 2024.

The 9th NADPA-RADPA Conference and Annual General Meeting, hosted by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner in Nairobi, Kenya, saw an impressive turnout, with over 1500 individuals and organizations in attendance. Noteworthy participants included multinational corporations such as Google, Amazon Web Services, EY, and Microsoft, as well as development partners like the European Union, German Corporation (GIZ), and Digital Transformation Center, among others.

The 2025 edition will serve as a pivotal platform for Data Protection Authorities from across Africa to convene, collaborate, and share insights on emerging trends, challenges, and best practices within the data protection and privacy ecosystem. Moreover, it will bolster Nigeria’s economic growth by attracting foreign direct investments and enhancing the country’s tourism sector by providing delegates with opportunities to explore its offerings.

Hosting such a prestigious event will elevate Nigeria’s reputation as a hub for innovation, research, and academic excellence, thereby attracting additional investment and talent. It also provides a prime opportunity to showcase the country’s diverse industries, products, and services to a global audience. Additionally, the conference will facilitate capacity building and skill development in digital technologies, empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools required to thrive in the current global digital economy.

As the host country, Nigeria is deeply honored to welcome esteemed delegates and participants to this significant gathering. The conference serves as more than just a platform for sharing insights; it highlights Nigeria’s unwavering commitment to advancing data protection principles and fostering international cooperation in this crucial field. Collaborating with various government agencies, multinational corporations, and development partners, NDPC is poised to co-host this event. With its multifaceted agenda, the conference promises to ignite growth, foster collaboration, and drive advancement within the data protection landscape and beyond.

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