Google Unveils Scam Call Alert Feature on Android Phones at I/O 2024 to Combat Fraud

Google’s Scam Call Detection Feature

Google has relieved millions of Android smartphone users from a major concern. The tech company announced a real-time scam alert feature at Google I/O 2024 event on May 14 , which will use AI to prevent users from sharing information during fake calls.

This new addition, showcased during the event, alerts users when they receive calls from private numbers by leveraging Google’s Gemini AI. This artificial intelligence system identifies and notifies users about potential scam calls.

Android highlighted this feature with a short video on its official social media channels. According to their post, the Scam Call Alert is still under development and will utilize Gemini Nano AI to identify fake calls and provide instant alerts.

When a suspicious call is detected, users will see a message indicating that banks never request customers to transfer money to a secure location. Users can choose to disable the alert and continue the call or hang up immediately.

Google noted in a blog post that global fraud totaled $1 trillion in the past year. They are currently testing the Scam Call Alert feature with Gemini Nano AI to help users identify scam calls in real time. For example, if a call demands immediate money transfers or gift card payments, an alert will pop up on the phone screen.

Scammers frequently attempt to obtain sensitive information, such as credit card PINs and passwords, during calls. Google’s new feature is designed to warn users during such attempts. Although Google has not released extensive details about this feature, it is anticipated to be available to Android users by the end of the year.

Additionally, during the keynote, Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced a new Gemini AI-powered feature for Google Photos called “Ask Photos.” This tool aims to simplify searching for specific photos or retrieving information from the user’s gallery.

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