Nigeria’s Tech Market Expand as NASENI Unveils Laptop, Smartphones, Car Battery Products

Khalil Suleiman Halilu, the executive vice chairman/CEO of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI),briefing the media during the unveiling of new products from the Agency at its headquarters in Abuja on Thursday May 9, 2024.

Khalil Suleiman Halilu, the Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer (EVC/CEO) of the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), has introduced new products as part of his commitment to bring NASENI’s innovations to the market.

These products, showcased at the Agency’s headquarters in Abuja on Thursday, May 9, 2024, include the NASENI Laptop, NASENI Android smartphone, NASENI Lithium battery, and NASENI 300watts LED Solar Street Lamp.


Mr. Halilu, briefing the media on the Agency’s activities and achievements aligned with the NASENI Strategic Launchpad, revealed that some items are already available in the market, while others have been pre-booked for the remainder of the year.

He also recalled that earlier in the year, the Agency unveiled its Solar Irrigation System, Electric Keke, Electric Motorcycle, and Solar-powered Cargo Tricycle during an oversight visit by the Senate Committee on NASENI.

NASENI phone

Mr. Halilu said that the public’s desire to witness a Nigerian National Brand and products in the market, asserting that NASENI is striving to ensure its branded products are readily available. He underscored NASENI’s unique position as the only purpose-built Agency of the Federal Government dedicated to localizing technology in both capital and consumer goods.

He emphasized the commitment of the new management under him to fast-track the Technology Transfer and Commercialization of their research and development (R&D) products, highlighting their proactive approach. These endeavors aim to generate employment, foster wealth creation, and reduce the nation’s import expenses.

Mr. Halilu outlined the agency’s adoption of the 3Cs principles—Creation, Collaboration, and Commercialization—partnering with both public and private sectors to ensure that NASENI not only conducts research but also delivers products to end-users.

We have identified our partners and also leveraged on existing technology to come up with products that are not only competitive but also market driven. This is to ensure sustainability of the products. We tell the investors to work with us and support industrialization efforts of the country. The key thing we do differently is to take our R&D results (products) to the market.”, he explained.

NASENI Batteries

Some of the achievements and ongoing activities of the Agency highlighted at the briefing included the development of NASENI Proposal Evaluation Portal, NASENI Growth Hacker, NASENI ERP, NASENI eProcurement, NASENI StemBox, NASENI Innovation Hub, PICTT e.g.: Delta2 and DeltHer, amongst others.

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