Opera’s AI Assistant Can Now Summarize Web Pages on Android 

Opera’s proprietary AI tool, Aria, now boasts the ability to summarize text-heavy web pages directly on Android devices. This innovative feature streamlines news articles, blog entries, or academic papers into concise summaries, typically fitting onto a single screen.

Unveiled on Monday, this new functionality aids users in swiftly grasping the essence of a topic by distilling crucial information. Utilizing it is a breeze: users simply navigate to any text-based webpage on the Opera Android browser, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, and select the “Summarize” option adjacent to the Aria icon. A dialog with Aria will then appear, presenting the requested summary.

To enjoy this capability, ensure your Opera for Android app is up to date, and either log in or create an Opera account. Aria, introduced last year, operates akin to a traditional AI assistant, offering responses in a chatbot-like interface as an alternative to conventional web searches.

Since its launch, Opera has continually enhanced Aria’s capabilities, leveraging its AI Feature Drops Program to provide users with early access to new features. Most recently, Opera updated Aria  have included integration with Imagen 2 by Google for image generation and text-to-speech functionality.

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