Uber Introduces Daily Earnings Access And New Features for Drivers in Nigeria

Uber has announced that its drivers in Nigeria will now be able to access their earnings daily as opposed to the weekly access being granted before now.

These updates, detailed in a statement released on Friday, are designed to improve the working conditions for drivers on the ride-hailing platform.

Previously, like most ride-hailing services, Uber followed a weekly payout system, where drivers received their earnings once a week. This model was consistent with that of its main competitor in Nigeria, Bolt, which processes payments from Monday to Sunday, disbursing funds in the first half of the following week. However, based on feedback from its drivers, Uber has shifted to a daily payout system through its Flex Pay wallet, aiming to provide drivers with more immediate access to their earnings.

“This change will enable drivers to meet their personal obligations in a more timely manner,” Uber stated, highlighting the flexibility the new payment system offers to drivers, who can now opt-in to receive their earnings every day.

In addition to the revised payout schedule, Uber has also rolled out two new features aimed at increasing transparency and driver autonomy: Upfront Destination and Upfront Fares. These features provide drivers with information about the destination and the expected fare before accepting a trip request. The fare calculation considers several factors, including base fares, estimated trip length and duration, pickup distance, and any applicable surge pricing.

Country Manager for Uber Nigeria, Tope Akinwumi, commented on the updates, stating, “Earners are at the heart of our business, and we take a comprehensive approach to incorporating their feedback. These new features are a result of our ongoing efforts to enhance the driver experience and offer them greater control over the trips they choose to accept.”

Moreover, Akinwumi highlighted the addition of several safety features to the Uber platform, including Audio Recording, Real-Time ID Checks, Rider Verification, and an in-app Emergency Button. These enhancements underscore Uber’s commitment to safety for both riders and drivers, reinforcing the company’s dedication to improving operational standards since its entry into the Nigerian market in 2014.

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