LinkedIn Launches Gaming Feature to Boost Professional Networking Engagement

LinkedIn is injecting a dose of excitement into its platform, recognizing that all work and no play makes it a dull place indeed. In a bid to infuse some fun into the realm of professional networking, the platform has introduced gaming as its latest innovation.

The networking giant is set to revolutionize the landscape of professional networking by incorporating games similar to Wordle, featuring word and logic puzzles. With the aim of enhancing user engagement and attracting a broader audience, LinkedIn has officially rolled out three games: Queens, Crossclimb, and Pinpoint. These games respectively test players’ skills in logic, trivia, and word association. They are now globally accessible via a direct link to the games and through LinkedIn News, the division responsible for their development.

Lakshman, the director of Product and Management at LinkedIn, unveiled this exciting development via the platform itself, stating, “Today, we officially launched our daily lineup of thinking-oriented games, delivered by LinkedIn News.”

Games have proven to be a potent tool for boosting engagement, particularly in an era where traditional news publishers are grappling with uncertainty about their future amidst competition from platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Similar to how puzzles published by news titles and magazines draw millions of users, LinkedIn aims to leverage games to enhance engagement on its platform, thereby expanding its advertising audience and delivering more value to users.

Excited about this new venture, Lakshman added, “I’m excited to share a bit more about our first games, and how we’ve designed them to build the future of how we’ll stay in touch with our colleagues, reignite relationships from past phases of our professional lives, and make the connections that will shape what’s next. Let’s dive in!”

Let’s delve into each of the three games:

Queen: This captivating logic game challenges players to strategically place queens on a grid, ensuring that each row, column, and region contains exactly one queen, with none of them touching each other. It’s a test of sharp thinking and swift decision-making, with a guaranteed solution waiting to be uncovered. Players can share scores with individuals, with their company affiliation displayed on a leaderboard.

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Crossclimb: Described as a trivia game that blends the challenge of a crossword puzzle with the strategic twists of a word ladder, Crossclimb provides players with clues for words that must fit on a grid. By cleverly rearranging words on the ladder, players aim to ensure that each successive word differs by only one letter. It’s a mental workout that rewards both knowledge and nimble thinking, culminating in the unlocking of final clues leading to victory.

Pinpoint: This thrilling word association game tests players’ cognitive skills as they decipher connections between given words. With only one word revealed at a time, players must deduce the overarching theme and category using their keen sense of association and deduction. It’s a race against the clock and one’s wits, offering an exhilarating journey through the realms of language and logic.

According to the Lakshman, each game has been crafted to fit seamlessly into busy schedule, requiring just a few minutes of your time. Whether you’re commuting, in between meetings, or winding down after a long day, these games are designed to help you refresh your mind.

While LinkedIn is not the first social media network to incorporate gaming into its platform to boost user engagement, its unique approach emphasizes casual networking and closer connections among existing LinkedIn users. Developed by the LinkedIn News team, these games draw inspiration from the word and logic games traditionally found in newspapers like The New York Times, showcasing LinkedIn’s commitment to innovation and user engagement.

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