Meta confirms launch of a bonus program for creators on Threads

Meta’s Threads social network has recently surpassed 150 million monthly users. Despite this achievement, Meta shows no signs of slowing its growth momentum. In a bid to further enhance user engagement, the tech titan has initiated a time-limited bonus initiative for Threads.

Over the last few days, many accounts have posted about this program. The company confirmed a limited-time invite-only program for creators, which began testing in March. Meta said that invited creators will have “individualized” requirements for bonuses. At the moment, the program is limited to creators in the U.S. The company said it might expand the program to other regions if successful.

Outlined on its support page, Meta stipulates that invited creators must establish a public profile on Threads and adhere to Instagram’s creator incentive terms and regulations for bonus allocation on Instagram. The company specifies that performance metrics such as post views and frequency contribute to a creator’s eligibility for bonuses.

Furthermore, there are stringent guidelines dictating the type of content eligible for the bonus program. For instance, a post must amass a minimum of 2,500 views to be considered. Additionally, Threads posts featuring copyrighted material, lacking text, or artificially inflated views are disqualified from bonus consideration. Meta emphasizes that content bearing watermarks from other platforms like TikTok or YouTube, as well as brand partnership posts, are ineligible for bonuses.

Creators have access to a professional dashboard where they can monitor their earnings, potentially needing to meet a minimum threshold to qualify for payouts.

“In some cases, you must earn a minimum amount to receive a bonus payout. If you don’t reach the minimum amount, you will not receive any bonus payout, but you may be invited to participate in another bonus opportunity in the future,” the company explains.

This program might push Instagram users with substantial following to post more on Threads and, in turn, also port over some of their following. Instagram already shows suggested Threads on its app. Users might want to check out Meta’s rival X more frequently if their favorite creators are posting on the app.

The new bonus program is also a good opportunity for creators who might want to build out an audience on the new platform. However, the monetary benefits might be temporary, as Meta hasn’t detailed long-term plans for creators to earn money on Threads.

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