President Tinubu and Bill Gates: Harnessing Technology to Fight Corruption

President Bola Tinubu said on Sunday that his government is dedicating resources to technology aimed at combating corruption, thus guaranteeing transparency and accountability within the government. Tinubu highlighted the role of technology as a powerful tool in battling corruption and financial misconduct in governmental operations. Consequently, prioritizing technological investments would enhance the performance and efficiency of Nigeria’s public sector, leading to improved service delivery.

Speaking during a meeting with Microsoft Founder and Philanthropist, Mr. Bill Gates, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum Special Meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Sunday, the President said technology is a potent weapon against corruption and financial impropriety in public service.

His words: “Technology is the enemy of fraud, corruption, and irregularity. We have been working hard on improving technology.

“There is always the initial resistance. Corruption, self-interest, and fraudulent activity will always be an enemy, but when you bend that curve, you will receive the benefit. The nation will receive the benefit”.

Recalling his experience as governor, President Tinubu highlighted his successful utilization of technology to bolster Lagos State’s revenue. He emphasized his efforts in implementing data collection and utilization practices, which facilitated the establishment of an effective tax system for the state.

According to him: “When I was governor of Lagos State, I faced challenges. I started with N600 million and ended up with over N8 billion. And right now, they are targeting a trillion naira with the use of technology in the state. There is no other shortcut. We must invest in technology. We must focus, be diligent, and work hard”.

During the conversation, Gates introduced the President to a technological platform that consolidates diverse data into a single identity. He elaborated on the significance of harmonizing data for effective planning, security measures, and tax efficiency.

We are working with Mr. Wale Edun, the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Minister of Finance, on digitization. Before you came into office, there were a few things attempted in identity management. But they have been very scattered. There have been multiple identification systems.

“Now, there is a plan to take that technology called MOSIP and use it for this identification platform so that people can get digital benefits. We are providing support for that, and we can provide more support.

With MOSIP ID, there is potential application in all government payment programs. It helps with payment efficiency and bank accounts, and eventually, when everyone is using that, it makes tax collection easier. That benefit will take a few years. However, there will be more bank accounts, more financial inclusion, and effective government payment programs,” the former Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft said.

Gates said Nigeria has the capacity to manage this system and related-technological systems as the nation brims with talented youths.

The last time I went to the Microsoft office in Lagos, I saw the amazing work that they were doing and how they were growing their operations. So, you have a lot of Nigerian talents to manage these systems,” he said.

The businessman also spoke about some high-yield seeds and a variety of crops with the potential for improved productivity and nutrition in all regions of the country.

According to him, countries like the United States and Brazil have been using these seeds, and they have been tested and certified as safe. 

There is no safety issue with these seeds. Supporting the Minister of Agriculture’s effort in this regard is something that we feel is important and worth supporting,” Mr. Gates added.

Responding to Gates’ submission, President Tinubu said: “We will look at this and work on it further. I am proud of Nigeria’s youths. They are very excited and creative with technology. They encourage us as we continue to press our reform efforts forward for their future prosperity. This is Nigeria’s time to become what it ought to be.”

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