Tems Drops New Song “Love Me Jeje”

Tems, a singer from Nigeria, just released a new song called “Love Me Jeje.” It’s her first single from her upcoming album, “Born in the Wild.” The song is really sweet and has a nostalgic feel because it includes part of a famous Nigerian song from 1997 by Seyi Sodimu with the same name.

Tems explained how she came up with the song during a casual hangout with her friends. They ended up in a studio, and while goofing around, they came up with the catchy line “Love Me Jeje, Love Me Tender.” Tems loved the vibe, especially because it reminded her of the original song that her mom loves so much.

“So basically, I went out to dinner with my girls, with my friends, two of my friends. We’re just like, “Oh, let’s just do a cute dinner. It’s going to be cute.” And afterward, my friends are always telling me, you never show us your Tems side. Everybody else, yeah, you’re Tems, but my friends don’t feel like I am when I’m there. It’s just like, I’m this girl. So they’re like, “Oh, you never take us to the studio. We don’t even know if you are like… Are you a doppelganger? Are you like, what is that?” So I said, “Okay, tonight we’re going to the studio and you people, you are going to sing?” So they were like, “Oh my god, crazy. What?” So we went to the studio and two of my producers, they made this beat, Spax and Guilty and they sent it to me as a challenge like, “Oh. Yeah, I’m sure you can’t do Nigerian. I am sure you can’t do this jam.

So I was like, I just had it in the back. So I played it and I told my friends, “Yeah, let’s all freestyle, take turns. Oh yeah, you do freestyle, you…” So one of my friends did “Love Me Jeje, Love Me Tender.” And then my other friend was just screaming as well. And I was like, “Actually this is a mad vibe. I love this vibe. I’m going to keep this in the song.” And I did my own freestyle and it just was such a cute vibe and I wanted to pay tribute to the actual song ’cause I love that song. My mom loves that song. “Love Me Jeje.” The original song is from Seyi Sodimu. The original song is called “Love Me Jeje” as well and it’s a Nigerian classic and it just felt right.”

Tems – Love Me Jeje

Talking about her upcoming album, Tems said it’s all about her journey and the things she’s been through. She calls it “Born in the Wild” because life sometimes felt like a wilderness to her. The album is about growing up, learning from experiences, and becoming who she is now.

Love Me Jeje” gives a taste of what’s to come from Tems’ new album. It’s a heartfelt song that brings back memories while also showing Tems’ growth as an artist. So, get ready for more great music from her soon!

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