Zambia’s Minister of Technology Emphasizes Collaboration for African Tech Advancement

The Minister of Technology and Science in Zambia, Felix Mutati, asserts that Africa is emerging as a pivotal global player, presenting a plethora of opportunities across the continent. At the Connected Africa Summit 2024, President William Ruto of Kenya urged IT leaders from various African nations to unite in driving digital transformation throughout the continent. He underscores the need for leaders and the general public to seize these opportunities, advocating for collaboration among African countries to propel technological growth.

In an interview with CIO Africa, Mutati agreed with President Ruto, stressing the significance of cooperation in fostering technological development. He emphasizes the importance of dismantling barriers to collaboration and is committed to advancing technology across the continent. He said, “The president talked about a unified Africa, sharing opportunities, and lowering barriers such as power. Lowering barriers is important to foster collaborations here on the continent. We need a connected Africa without leaving anyone behind.”

Drawing insights gained from fellow tech leaders at the Connected Africa Summit 2024, Mutati particularly acknowledged Kenya’s notable digital investments and transformations. He calls upon other tech leaders to embrace open-mindedness, mutual learning, and collaboration to drive progress.

He further stated that now is the time for collaboration because we have already established what we need to do in Africa to grow technology on the continent. He added, “We don’t have enough time to invest in experiments and research; people have already moved on from that level. Let’s pick it up from where they are so that we minimize the cost of additional investment.”

During his visit to Kenya, Minister Mutati also paid a visit to Africa Data Centers in Nairobi as he looks to make further technology investments in Zambia. He notes that digital infrastructure is an important part of the digital transformation process in Africa.

We need to create a competitive Africa; hence, we need digital infrastructure that delivers solutions. Data centers are important because they are a part of the digital infrastructure that we are talking about,” he said.

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