MultiChoice Needs Funding – Nigerians React as Multichoice Hikes Price of Subscriptions

Multichoice, the leading broadcasting company in Nigeria, has recently unveiled plans for another round of price adjustments across its offerings, marking the second increment within a mere four-month period. The decision, set to take effect from May 1, 2024, has stirred up discussions among subscribers, with many expressing frustration and concern over the financial implications.

Under the revised pricing structure, subscribers can expect significant increases across various packages. For instance, the DStv Premium package will see a jump from N29,500 to N37,000, while the DStv Compact+ and Compact packages will rise to N25,000 and N15,700, respectively. Similarly, GOtv subscribers will face price hikes, with the Supa+ package increasing to N15,700, Supa to N9,600, and Max to N7,200.

This announcement follows a previous price review in December 2023, where Multichoice implemented a 20% increase across all packages. Furthermore, in April 2023, subscribers experienced a 17% hike on both DStv and GOtv packages. Multichoice attributes these adjustments to the escalating costs of business operations and the prevailing inflationary pressures in the country.

Meanwhile, this news has elicited a range of reactions from subscribers, with many expressing anger and frustration at the hike in price.

A subscriber told TAM that they feel like they’re being taken for granted by Multichoice. They expressed frustration, saying, “It’s ridiculous! They keep hiking prices without any consideration for their loyal customers. We’re already struggling with the cost of living, and now they want to squeeze even more out of us for the same content. It’s just not fair.

Another subscriber, Paul , took a more pragmatic approach, acknowledging the economic realities but still expressing disappointment, “I get that inflation affects everyone, including businesses like Multichoice. But it’s disheartening to see such steep increases, especially when wages aren’t keeping up. I’ll probably stick with my subscription for now, but I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more affordable alternatives.”

Here are some reactions on X platform.

@Czar_Kyza We’ll be most glad if you guys can invite multichoice execs & grill them on live TV to explain why they intend to unalive us subscribers with consistent & inconsiderate price increases in their sub charges. It’s almost like it’s become routine for them & nobody is talking,

@maajinknk Nigerians will flood twitter with DSTV alternatives after every price increase and go to sleep thereafter. MultiChoice will never rate you if you refused to cultivate a local alternative asap. Yearly price adjustment is unforgivable in this climate.

@yem6fine Quick question If everything was affected by the state of the economy, don’t ya’ll think Multichoice would be affected too?

@beyonce_chuks It’s high time this monthly subscription is annulled. There won’t be light and yet my subscription will be useless… Charge as you watch Biko

@Jesuwvegba it is important to remember that a company like MultiChoice needs the funds to maintain quality and improve services.

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