I Regret Wearing Bikinis, Nudity-Rihanna

Billionaire singer Rihanna has said she regrets her nude fashion style. Speaking in a recent interview with Vogue, the mother of two said whenever she looks back at her bikini fashion, she wonders if she really engaged in such fashion style. She said being a mother has influenced her new fashion sense.

“It is going to sound hypocritic but… I did so much sh*t in my life. I had my nipples out, my panties out,” she told Vogue.

“But now those are the things that I guess as a mum and evolved young lady; I would never do. I’m just like, ‘Oh! My God, I really did that?”

The mother of two welcomed her first child, RZA Athelston with partner, Asap Rocky in 2022 and in August 2023, the couple welcomed their second son, Riot Ross.

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