All You Need to Know About Meta AI Chatbot on Instagram and WhatsApp

As a technology giant, Meta continues to boast an ever-growing empire, advancing in responsible AI and the metaverse. When it comes to effective implementation of new technology innovations, it surely aces the game. It adopted Snapchat’s Stories to improve user engagement on its social platforms and look at how much of a crucial feature it has become for Insta/WhatsApp users today. Similarly, with Reels, Meta created a whole new community of users who prefer short video content over still images, complete with advanced AI filters and editing tools.

Hence, when Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans to jump into the bubbling field of generative AI in 2023, we all had greater expectations.

Fast forward to April 2024 and Meta AI is ready to hit the road. Based on Meta’s new and more advanced Llama 3 AI model, Zuckerberg’s iteration of Gen-AI is reaching Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook apps as you read this. Although Meta AI is late to the party, Zuckerberg is confident that the Meta AI chatbot will prove more useful than existing alternatives.

With a couple of game-changing features advertised for users on Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook, it seems that Meta might make us use generative AI efficiently in our daily lives. Since the rollout has begun for users across most regions, you might be interested to know how to use the Meta AI chatbot on all of Meta’s social media apps as well as on the internet.

Without waiting any further, let’s explore everything we know about Meta AI.

How to use it Meta AI chatbot in WhatsApp and Instagram

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Although Meta may not lead the pack in the generative AI competition, the social media powerhouse has taken a calculated approach to its integration with its renowned platforms. Presently, there are two avenues to engage with the Meta AI chatbot and explore the functionalities of the Llama 3 AI engine.

The first way is via the dedicated website called

1. Head over to your web browser and search for

2. Once you see the link, click on the chatbot website and you will be greeted with an account login page.

3. In order to access Meta AI, you need to log in to your Facebook account.

The second way to access the Meta AI chatbot is via Meta’s social media apps.

1. If Meta AI is activated for your region, you will see the Meta AI chatbot integrated into the search bar in Instagram and Facebook Messenger. On WhatsApp, you can use Meta AI in group chats.

2. Update your Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook apps to the latest version from the respective app stores of your smartphone. You will be introduced to Meta AI once you reopen these apps.

How to make the most of the coolest hidden features of Meta AI

Now that you know how to access Meta AI, here are some of its coolest hidden features that we think you might be addicted to.

Shortcut to Google/Bing search

One of the coolest use cases of Meta AI within Instagram or WhatsApp is quick web searches on Google or Bing. Whether you seek the weather forecast for your holiday destination or the top Italian restaurants in the neighbourhood, Meta AI can utilise the power of these search engines to help you with your queries.

You no longer need to exit the app and switch to a web browser for basic searches.

Send custom AI-generated stickers

Meta AI can use its advanced Llama 3 AI engine to generate images and stickers instantly. Since stickers make conversations fun on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, you can now generate custom stickers to suit the mood in your chat windows.

Do you want a sticker of a cat driving a Formula 1 car? Ask Meta AI to create one for you. Do you want a funky mashup of Hollywood and Bollywood stickers? Meta AI can do that as well.

Use custom images to stir conversations

Meta AI can also help you generate custom images on demand. Whether you want to conceptualise a project on the WhatsApp group or spice up a romantic conversation with your partner by teasing a surprise weekend getaway — Meta AI is that skilled artisan at your disposal, ready to create anything you demand (provided there’re no explicit requests).

Chat with virtual celebs

Striking conversations with your friends and family may not always be an easy task. With Meta AI though, you can go for a change by chatting with AI personalities. Depending on whom you choose, Meta AI will ape popular celebrities from various fields and try to respond familiarly.

We would love to spend our tea breaks chatting up Snoop Dogg and requesting him to generate custom rap songs for us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– What are the cool things Meta AI can do?
Meta AI can let you generate custom stickers, GIFs and images to spice up conversations. It can also let you make web searches by sourcing the data from Google or Bing.

– Does Meta AI read your messages?
Meta AI will only read those messages in a group chat that have @MetaAI tag mentioned. The rest of the conversation remains encrypted and Meta AI cannot access those.

– What is the use of Meta AI in WhatsApp?
Meta AI can currently help with quick references to information on various categories like sports, entertainment, general news and more. It can let you generate images in an instant.

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