X Announces The Launching TV App For Videos ‘Soon’

“X announced the launch of a TV app for videos coming soon.”

X, formerly known as Twitter, is set to launch a dedicated TV app for videos uploaded to the social network. CEO Linda Yaccarino revealed on Tuesday that the new app will deliver “real-time, engaging content to your smart TVs.” In a teaser video shared by Yaccarino, the app’s interface bears a striking resemblance to that of YouTube’s.

The app will boast a trending video algorithm aimed at keeping users updated with tailored popular content. Additionally, AI-powered topics will categorize videos by subject. Moreover, the app will support cross-device viewing, enabling users to seamlessly transition from watching a video on their phone to their TV.

Yaccarino also highlighted that the app will offer enhanced video search capabilities and will be accessible on “most smart TVs.” Although an official launch date has yet to be announced, Yaccarino assured that it will be available “soon.”

Remarkably, the app will debut without ads. However, X has plans to monetize it in the future, potentially through various forms of partnerships, including advertisements. This intention was communicated in a memo to potential customers and partners.

In a bid to reshape Twitter following its acquisition in October 2022, Musk has championed the concept of X as an “everything app,” expanding its offerings beyond traditional short messages to encompass entertainment and financial transactions. However, the platform has faced significant challenges, with widespread advertiser defections following Musk’s takeover and the removal of its content moderation team due to concerns about hate speech and negative posts.

X will also contend with competition from Spotify, which recently announced plans to incorporate more video content into its platform.

The impending app launch aligns with Yaccarino’s vision of transforming the social media site into a “video-first” platform that prioritizes free speech. Notably, the platform already hosts original shows featuring figures like former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard and former Fox Sports host Jim Rome. However, Musk recently canceled a talk show deal with former CNN anchor Don Lemon after his appearance on the show’s inaugural episode.

The announcement comes a week after Truth Social, the social media platform owned by a social media Donald Trump’s media company, unveiling its own plans to introduce a live TV streaming platform. Focused on “news networks,” “religious channels,” and “content that has been canceled” or “is being suppressed on other platforms and services,” The company had said..

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