FG Calls on Experts to Forge Global AI Strategy for Economic Growth

The Nigerian government, represented by the Ministry of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, has called upon Nigerian experts in research, development, and innovation to craft a forward-thinking and executable strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) that aligns with the administration’s eight key priorities. This strategy aims to bolster economic growth and position Nigeria as a global leader in shaping the future. Dr. Bosun Tijani, the Honorable Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy, delivered this charge during the inauguration of the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy Co-Creation Workshop, held in Abuja from April 15th to 18th, 2024.

Highlighting the profound impact of AI across various sectors, Dr. Bosun emphasized its potential to revolutionize governance, communication, entrepreneurship, agriculture, public health, education, and the entire economy, fostering national prosperity and development akin to advanced economies. He urged participants to not only utilize AI but actively contribute to its development, ensuring Nigeria’s voice is heard on the global stage.

Dr. Bosun stressed the importance of global collaboration in AI development, emphasizing that while diverse approaches exist, convergence is inevitable. He challenged participants to think beyond national and continental boundaries, advocating for a collective effort to shape AI’s future globally.

Moreover, he underscored the need for AI to significantly enhance societal productivity and connect humanity to diverse opportunities, urging experts to blend local needs with global perspectives. He expressed gratitude to partnering agencies and organizations for their support in hosting the workshop.

In his welcome address, Engr. Faruk Yusuf Yabo, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, echoed the transformative potential of AI for Nigeria, emphasizing the need for a practical and culturally sensitive approach in developing the strategy. He outlined the workshop’s objective of redefining Nigeria’s technological landscape and positioning the country as a leader in AI innovation.

Similarly, Kashifu Inuwa, the Director-General of NITDA, highlighted AI’s universal applicability and its projected economic contributions, emphasizing Nigeria’s potential for economic diversification, national security enhancement, and increased productivity through a robust AI strategy.

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